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SH-zoom into the News Today!

SH-zoom into the News Today!

Published on July 13th by Jodie Zheng

Got A Minute?

Get exclusive offers, fleet industry insights, and driver safety tips delivered to your inbox each month.  SHzoom’s Monthly Minute offers great value to busy Fleet and Risk professionals looking to stay on top of their game.  SHzoom creates a space for industry experts in Canada and the United States to share best practices.  

What’s In It for YOU?

We understand the value of your time.  Stay connected.  Stop wasting hours surfing the net and scattering through magazines to find the latest industry trends.  We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you!  Checkout what you can expect when you subscribe today:  

  • Exclusive Invitations to Online Events with Leading Industry Professionals
  • Monthly Productivity and Safety Tips
  • Stay up to Date on the Race to Zero Emissions
  • Latest EV Fleet Trends and Challenges
  • Access Proven Strategies for Finding and Retaining Qualified Techs
  • And Much More!

Count Me In! 

Wonderful!  You made the right decision! We made it easy for you to join.  Simply tell us your name and email address below.  The SHzoom community is cheering for you and your success! 

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