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Elevating the Fleet Conversation: Jason Rascoe’s New Role on NTEA’s Editorial Board

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Elevating the Fleet Conversation: Jason Rascoe's New Role on NTEA's Editorial Board

March 2024 | This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

Jason Rascoe, Work Truck Magazine Advisory Board Appointee
Jason Rascoe, Work Truck Magazine Advisory Board Appointee

Join us in celebrating Jason Rascoe, ASE, EVT, a distinguished contributor to SHzoom‘s Monthly Minute Newsletter and a Fleet Manager at Rose Pest Solutions, for being appointed to the NTEA – The Work Truck Association™ Editorial Advisory Board!

Join us in heralding a significant milestone for Jason Rascoe, the dedicated Corporate Fleet Manager at Rose Pest Solutions, and a distinguished contributor to SHzoom’s Monthly Minute Newsletter. In an inspiring extension of his professional pursuits, Jason has been appointed to the NTEA – The Work Truck Association™ Editorial Advisory Board, a role he assumes in addition to his current responsibilities at Rose Pest Solutions.

This prestigious appointment is a testament to Jason’s profound expertise in fleet management, marked by his ASE and EVT certifications, and his passion for propelling the industry forward. His dual role not only highlights his commitment to excellence in his day-to-day work with Rose Pest Solutions but also underscores his influence as a thought leader in the wider automotive sector.

Jason’s journey from managing fleets to shaping industry narratives is a beacon of inspiration. It demonstrates how professionals can extend their impact beyond their primary roles, contributing valuable insights and leadership to key industry discussions. As SHzoom’s Spotlight Fleet Manager News Contributor, Jason has already been sharing his knowledge and experiences with a broader audience. Now, with his appointment to The Work Truck Magazine Editorial Advisory Board, his perspectives will further enrich and guide the future of work truck fleet management.

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