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Risk Manager Demo

Risk Manager Demo


You receive an instant notification that a commander was involved in a crash. It is important to you that you do your best to prioritize the commander’s crash over the others.

As a member of the Risk Team, you begin by logging into Uptime to complete the following:

#1) View the Commander’s Incident Report taken from the accident scene.

#2) Rule Out Injuries

#3) Upload the Official Police Report

#4) Mark the Commander’s Incident Report ‘Received’

Now it’s your turn! Follow the instructions below to complete steps 1-4 above.


A. Click the button below to launch the Uptime web system.
B. Sign in with the following credential as a Risk Manager to review the incident. 
Email: riskmanager@shzoom.com
Password: P@ssword2
C. Select the incident from the Progress Tab labeled ‘Incident Reports.’  
PLEASE NOTE: For demo purposes, please download and use the “Demo Official Police Report” provided here.
D. Save the downloaded Demo Police Report to your desktop or simply retrieve it from your “Downloads” folder. 
E. Return to the selected incident in Uptime. Now click “Upload” on the right, locate the Demo Police Report in your folder, and attach it to the incident. 
F. When the “Mark Report Received” button is clicked, the incident auto-advances to the “Estimates” Progress Tab to await repair quotes from pre-vetted shops. 
PLEASE NOTE: Organization Leaders are able to designate the minimum number of estimates they would like to receive prior to selecting a repair shop.
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