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Repair Shop Demo

Repair Shop Demo


You are a small shop known in your community for high quality repairs and friendly service. You want the agency’s business but you cannot afford to send an Estimator to the garage to write the sheet.

As the Repair Shop, you want to accomplish the following:

#1) Login to Uptime to View Dashboard for # Estimates Requested and Submitted

#2) Select Incident to View Damage Reports and Photos

#3) Write and Upload Your Repair Estimate

#4) Submit Repair Quote with Hopes to be Selected for the Winning Bid! 

Now it’s your turn! Follow the instructions below to complete steps 1-4 above.


A. Click the button below to launch the Uptime web system.
B. Sign in with the following credential as a Repair Shop to bid on the incident. 
Email: bodyshop@shzoom.com
Password: P@ssword2
C. Review your Dashboard to determine the number of estimates requested.
Next: Click on the incident you want to bid on under the ‘Estimate’ Progress Tab. 
D. Review the damage report and photos and upload your repair estimate.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike large insurers, you are free to use the estimating software of your choice as long as you save it in a .PDF format prior to upload.
E. After uploading your estimate, update the ‘Estimate Amount’ field and click ‘Submit Estimate.’
PLEASE NOTE: For demo purposes, please download and use the “Demo Estimate File” provided here.
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