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Operator Demo

Operator Demo


You just crashed your cruiser during a PIT maneuver. Luckily, you are okay. Instead of calling your supervisor to take a manual report,  you create a damage and incident report in 10-minutes using the Uptime mobile application! Your supervisor received instant notification, approved your incident report, and repairs to your cruiser are already underway!

Follow the instructions below to create your first report.


A. Scan the QR code to download the Uptime Mobile App. 
B. Sign in with the following credential to submit an incident. 
Email: driver@shzoom.com
Password: P@ssword2
C. Scan the Demo Vehicle VIN bar code to start the process.
**It may take you a few times to scan the Demo VIN on your computer screen, but once you do, we highly recommend taking photos of actual vehicles; even if they are not damaged. This will give you a better sense of what your organization will experience upon purchasing Uptime.

PLEASE NOTE: For demo purposes, if you are not able to secure photos of an actual vehicle, please download and use the “Demo Damage Photos” provided here.

D. Follow the one-page instruction to complete the process. 
E. Once you have successfully created your first incident, return to the main menu to select another user role to demo or simply click ‘Next’ below.
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