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SHzoom Celebrates Fleet Week

SHzoom Joined NAFA for the Celebration of Fleet Week

Published on May, 2020

“Not All Heroes Fly.” Fleets are where the rubber of our lives hits the road, from delivery drivers who transport critical packages, to managers overseeing service vans, to maintenance professionals who keep cars on the road. From May 18-22, NAFA- the Fleet Management Association, held a series of events to celebrate fleets and their management.

Ingrid Cook, representing SHzoom, participated in this honorable celebration event. “In honor of celebrate fleet week, I couldn’t let the day end without celebrating our innovative partners, supporters, and colleagues in fleet and risk management. Because of you, SHzoom’s Uptime continues to shape the future of electronic fleet repair and crash management systems.” Ingrid wrote about her experience on the event.

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