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SHzoom’s FAQ

Uptime by SHzoom FAQs

 If you have a question that does not appear on the list below, please take a moment to contact us directly.
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Try the last four digits of your VIN number. Usually, when a vehicle doesn't have an official Vehicle Number assigned by the organization, the Vehicle Number will default to the last four digits of the VIN.

When you are creating an incident report in the Uptime Mobile App without knowing the operation, select 'Unknown Operator' to move forward to the next step.

When capturing vehicle damage photos with low OR no WIFI Coverage,  the pics will auto-upload when back in coverage.

It depends on your organization's structure. Usually, the users assigned with Fleet Foreman roles can update the incident reports throughout the process.

Recommendation: At a minimum, Shop Supervisor needs to confirm vehicle driveable selection is correct, damage locations are correct. If the incident type is known, Shop Supervisor needs to update the drop-down.

The 'Mark Incident Report Received' step automatedly triggers the estimate request sent out to all shops.

Before the 'Repair Complete' can be marked, the shop has to update the estimated repair completion date.

Vehicle QA checklist:

  • Inspect brake pads, timing belt intervals, steering rack gaiters
  • Test steering/suspension components

The PAYMENT APPROVAL (not Shop Selection) triggers the notification to the Winning Body Shop.

The Fleet Foreman users need to select "Actual Pickup Date" to trigger the vehicle move to the  'At Shop' status. The FF user roles can also set the 'Actual Pickup Date' even if the shop failed to input the estimated pickup date.

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