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Early Adopters Program

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Uptime’s Early Adopters Program (EAP) gives fleet champions like you exclusive, early access to some of the most exciting risk and fleet management technology on the market!  If you are an innovative, forward-thinking organization, we encourage you to apply today!

Why Become an Uptime Early Adopter?

Uptime EAP Perks
Exclusive EAP Perks

In addition to managing crash related repairs, Uptime is being enhanced to include the ability to manage OEM recall and hail storm related repairs.  As a qualified EAP, you will be able to access this perk at no additional cost to you.

Uptime paperless storage
Paperless Storage

Uptime offers a paperless incident management system eliminating the frustrations of lost or duplicated paperwork and asset management documentation. Gain access to incident reports in minutes reducing crash repair cycle time by 28 days!

Uptime Cost Avoidance
Cost Avoidance

Early pilots showed an annual 25% reduction in crash repair costs, a 47% reduction in downtime, and $491,431 in third-party administrator costs. Qualified NAFA members may request a 1-year, risk-free trial run at a deep discount!

Uptime Touchless Connectivity
Touchless Connectivity

Uptime seamlessly connects traditionally siloed departments like Fleet, Risk, and Safety for an intelligent,  streamlined, automated workflow.  Securely communicate with internal departments as well as third party vendors on the Uptime platform!

Uptime Enhanced Safety
Enhanced Safety

Get real-time notifications on new incidents, reported injuries, damage reports, repair status, and total losses.  Customized reports with predictive analytics to better manage auto-related risks, severity, and employee safety programs.

Uptime Acess to Data
Access to Data

Easily integrates with other fleet and risk management software for robust reporting.  Uptime also offers customized and built-in, standardized data reports on cycle time, efficiency, supplier diversity, supplements, and quality.

Pre-Qualify for Uptime's Early Adopters Program Now!

Learn How Uptime Works for You

Same Day Automated Incident Reports 

Save with Competitive Repair Quotes

Real-Time Repair Status & Supplement Tracking

Same Day Injury Notification 

Maximized Recovery Dollars on Not-at-Fault Accidents

Intelligent Workflow Automation with Built-in Accountability

Exclusive Online Driver Safety Awareness Program


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