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Fleet Vehicles

Introducing SHzoom Fleet

Despite the rapid technological advances, it is still estimated that at least 20% of company vehicles will be involved in an accident each year.

Gone are the days where managers have to chase down and collect accident paperwork manually!

Within minutes, they can securely download everything they need from the accident scene to produce valuable reports and predictive analytics to drive down crash costs and accident frequency.

Industries We Serve

All Auto Self
Insured Retention

Small, Medium, &
Enterprise Companies
with Fleet Vehicles

Insurance Agents
& 3rd Party

Car Agencies

Auto Manufacturers with
Connected Cars and/or
Collision Repair Centers

Shared Vehicle
(i.e.: Uber, Lyft)

The Problem

Primary Operators Need Their Vehicles back FAST

Outdated Paper Processes Are Not Cutting It

Manual Tracking Takes Forever

Lost Paperwork Happens Far Too Often

Repair Costs, Repair Quality, and Repair Speed Are Not Competitively Bid

Sounds Like You Got Downtime Problems!
Let us help.

Our Solution

Give yourself peace of mind while saving
your company time and money.

Easily integrate with your existing
telematics software.

Everything you need to assess liability
exposures, negotiate accurate settlements,
and appropriately triage exposures from the
comfort of your office.

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