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Don’t Settle For A Single Estimate

How do you know if the one estimate you received really represents the true cost of repairs?
When you use our photo estimating system, you get multiple estimates from nearby shops and damage estimators.

How It Works

1. Visit SHzoom online, send us an email, or give us a phone call.

2. Damage photos of your vehicle are uploaded for viewing.

3. Get estimates from nearby body shops and appraisers.

The Problem

It is imperative for drivers, body shops, and professionals to acknowledge the traditional way of estimating and repairing
auto body damage is outdated, inefficient, timely, and costly. Drivers often think they are forced to settle with a single estimate from a single shop and fail to realize they have choices.
In today’s economy, drivers struggle with whether to get the minor body damage repaired or pay bills. Many do not realize they really do have choices and they are not alone.

Our Solution

Give yourself peace of mind knowing the estimate
you received was enough to cover the cost of repairs.

Multiple estimates will not only allow you to compare costs, but it will also help rule out potential missed safety items that could lead to serious road hazards.

As experts, we are here to help.  We translate the complicated industry lingo into easy, clear, concise terms you can understand – including terms related to your right to choose and the indemnification process.

Whether filing a claim or paying out of pocket, we empower the drivers to regain control of the repair process.

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