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SHzoom Fleet

How SHzoom Fleet Works

What SHzoom Fleet Offers

Over 25 years of Industry Expertise!

Standardized Crash Reports Made Easy

  • Complete via a Stand-Alone Responsive Mobile App.
  • Complete via Text, Email or Phone SHzoom Direct.
  • Onsite Driver and Manager User Training.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

  • Eliminate Driver Stress of Capturing the Right Information.
  • Eliminate Manager Stress of Chasing Down Details.

Reduced Accident Costs

  • Customized Reports with Predictive Analytics.
  • Access to the Right Questions Based on the Accident Type.
  • Professional Licensed P&C Consultation.
  • Damage Reports- ‘Snap a Pic – Get a Quote’ Patented System

Increased Recovery Dollars

  • SHzoom Subrogation Service
  • Maximize on Loss of Use Claims

SHzoom Fleet Crash Management System

SHzoom continues to innovate around handling the aftermath of auto accidents with SHzoom Fleet – a mobile/desktop web-based accident management system for commercial vehicles.

Gone are the days where company managers have to chase down and collect accident paperwork manually!

Industries We Serve

All Auto Self
Insured Retention

Small, Medium, &
Enterprise Companies
with Fleet Vehicles

Insurance Agents
& 3rd Party

Car Agencies

Auto Manufacturers with
Connected Cars and/or
Collision Repair Centers

Shared Vehicle
(i.e.: Uber, Lyft)

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