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SHzoom Unveils Uptime for Qualified Fleets at NAFA 2022 I&E

SHzoom Unveils Uptime for Qualified Fleets at NAFA 2022 I&E at Columbus, Ohio Convention Center

Originally published on August 4, 2022 | Digital Journal

SHzoom’s flagship fleet accident management system called Uptime is based on its patented technology and saves millions of dollars for fleet and risk managers.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA – SHzoom, an innovative venture based in Pittsburgh PA, showcased its flagship Fleet Accident Management System at a recently concluded NAFA 2022 I&E held at the Convention Center in Columbus, OH. SHzoom’s system called Uptime received rave reviews for the immense benefits it has shown to accrue for government and self-insured commercial fleets in search of innovative ways to manage crash-related downtime, costs, and risks.

The highly-anticipated event witnessed the presence of government officials, industry powerhouses, experts, and influencers from across the United States and Canada. Also present at the event were several influential Fleet Directors and Fleet Division Chiefs, such as Al Curtis of Cobb County Government, Robert Gordon of DeKalb County Government, and Calvin Jones of Montgomery County Government. These distinguished public sector fleet leaders were also guest panelists during NAFA’s educational session on “Strategies for Finding and Retaining Qualified Techs” moderated by SHzoom’s Founder and CEO, Ingrid Cook Moravitz.

SHzoom's NAFA Educational Session: “Strategies for Finding and Retaining Qualified Techs”
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