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Powering the Change: Overcoming Range Anxiety in the Transition to Electric Vehicles (Subscriber)

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Powering the Change: Overcoming Range Anxiety in the Transition to Electric Vehicles

July 2023 | This article was originally published on SHzoom by Jorge Urias

Range Anxiety

In the modern era of fleet management, the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) presents a promising opportunity for fleet managers. It offers considerable advantages like lower operating costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and an overall positive impact on the corporate image. However, this transition is not without challenges, and among the most prominent of these is range anxiety. Range anxiety, the fear that a vehicle will not have enough energy to reach its destination, can be a significant obstacle for fleet managers transitioning to electric vehicles.

Range anxiety can lead to reluctance among drivers to adopt EVs, potentially hampering the transition process. This fear often arises from misconceptions about electric vehicle capabilities and a lack of understanding of how to manage EV range effectively. Consequently, it can slow down the transition, reduce driver confidence, and limit the overall operational efficiency of the fleet.

However, fleet managers can adopt several strategies to address and mitigate this anxiety.


In a survey conducted by Forbes Wheel, 500 electric vehicle consumers were asked on how many occasions did they have to cancel their trip/travel-plans due to fear in their EV range (range anxiety). Responses were recorded on a scale from "Never" to "Always". Source: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Impact-of-range-anxiety-on-EV-consumer-behavior-From-a-survey-of-500-electric-vehicle_fig1_370995095

The first and most crucial step is education. By informing drivers about the reality of EV range capabilities and charging infrastructure, fleet managers can alleviate many fears. Provide accurate data on the range of the fleet’s chosen EVs and ensure drivers understand that EV technology is continually advancing, leading to vehicles with ever-improving range capabilities.


Implement thorough route planning. With advanced planning and the use of EV-specific GPS systems that indicate charging station locations, drivers can be confident they will reach their destination without running out of charge. This tactic also promotes efficiency by ensuring optimal use of the vehicle’s range and charging time.


Creating a supportive environment for drivers is key. Ensure drivers have easy access to charging stations at their homes or workplaces, reducing stress about finding a place to recharge. Providing incentives for EV use can also encourage drivers to embrace this transition, thereby reducing range anxiety.

In this period of transition, it’s crucial for fleet managers to be proactive in addressing range anxiety. By educating drivers, ensuring careful route planning, and creating a supportive infrastructure, they can promote the successful adoption of electric vehicles in their fleet.

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