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Insight to Innovation: How a Conference Spark is Transforming the Fleet Industry

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Insight to Innovation: How a Conference Spark is Transforming the Fleet Industry

This article was originally published on SHzoom by Angelina Ohlinger

What happens when a small company with a big vision meets the needs of national defense? SHzoom, led by the innovative CEO Ingrid Moravitz, is finding out. With its groundbreaking UPtime Fleet Accident Management System, SHzoom is on a mission to transform fleet management for the United States Air Force (USAF) and beyond.

The journey began in 2019 at a NAFA Conference, where SHzoom attended in search of a new use case for its patented technology. It was here that they first encountered the USAF, setting the stage for a series of pivotal developments, including being named a finalist in TechConnect’s Defense Innovation Challenge last October at the prestigious National Harbor. This encounter led them to AFWERXs Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, opening doors to explore military fleet management.

Diving into SBIR Phase I, SHzoom immersed itself in understanding the complexities of military fleet operations. Through rigorous customer validation interviews and dynamic live demonstrations, they quickly garnered enthusiastic support. This led to crucial engagements at multiple Air Force bases, where SHzoom’s innovative approach began to make a significant impact.

At Joint Base Andrews (JBA), SHzoom collaborated closely with the 316th Logistics Readiness Squadron. Visionary leaders like SMSgt Mortimer Jacobs, Vehicle Management Superintendent Dave Cameron, and JBA Shop Manager, Stephen Sapol, provided invaluable insights. Their feedback was instrumental in refining UPtime’s capabilities to meet stringent military standards and significantly reduce fleet downtime.

What started as a spark at a conference has now become a transformative, innovative force in the future of fleet management!

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Similarly, at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JBMDL), MSgt Crystal Arzuaga of the 87th Logistics Readiness Squadron offered hands-on feedback further highlighting th power of innovation and collaboration.

“It’s all about innovation,” explained CEO, Moravitz.  SHzoom, known for its cutting-edge auto accident solutions, identified another unique gap during their Phase 1 SBIR:  the lack of a SkillBridge Apprenticeship programs tailored for the 2T3 fleet community.

In an innovative move, SHzoom reached out to the National Association of Fleet Administrators’ CEO, Bill Schankel, with an ambitious plan. Their goal? To create a program that helps retired service members transition seamlessly into civilian government fleet positions.

Picture a program like “Hire Our Heroes,” but designed specifically for fleet professionals. This initiative not only bridges a critical gap but also honors the skills and experiences of our veterans, providing them with new opportunities to continue their service in the fleet industry.

SHzoom’s partnership with NAFA is set to pave the way for a brighter future for many, embodying true innovation and dedication to community support.

SHzoom’s commitment to supporting veterans and enhancing fleet management didn’t stop there.  Next up? Dover, DE where SHzoom was met with more forward-thinking DAF leaders.  After their successful engagement at Dover Air Force Base (DAFB) with SMSgt Joseph Moran and his team, the word about SHzoom’s SBIR pilot spread quickly.

Soon after their visit to DAFB, Mr. John P. Garcia Jr. and his team at Nellis Air Force Base expressed interest in participating in the SBIR pilot. These engagements were pivotal, refining UPtime by SHzoom to better serve the diverse needs of military and civilian fleets alike, underscoring the universal demand for more fleet UPtime.

Ingrid Cook Moravitz of SHzoom Technologies and DAVE CAMERON, Civ, DAF
at Joint Base Andrews (JBA)

Beyond mere demonstrations, these engagements fostered enduring relationships with key USAF stakeholders. Feedback from leaders like MSgt Cesar A. Hernandez Jr., SHzoom’s amazing SAGE, Captain Grant Goodnight, 441st VSCOS’ Chief Alex Butler, and AFWERX Chief Strategist Phil Hahn played a crucial role in SHzoom’s SBIR success, enabling the company to explore and enhance Uptime’s capabilities for broader deployment across military, governmental, and commercial fleets.

Excited about the future of fleet management or curious how the SkillBridge program can benefit you or your operations? Follow SHzoom on LinkedIn to stay updated on their inspiring journey.

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