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A Patented System for Government and Self-Insured Fleets

Downtime Problems?

Drive Safe and Spread Love

At SHzoom, we start with love.  ‘Drive Safe. Spread Love’ is our motto. We are certified industry experts with more than 25 years of expertise in risk management, automotive repairs, and P&C claims management.  You will often see large insurers citing our intellectual property.  For Smart Fleets, it’s about innovation, automation, and intelligent workflows which is why Fleet and Risk Managers are choosing Uptime by SHzoom!

drive safe spread love

Snap A Pic. Get A Quote

We are the original inventors of “Snap A Pic. Get A Quote.”  Back in 2010, no one was thinking of electronic repair management except SHzoom! We now use our novel system to sell increased ‘uptime’ to government and self-insured fleets.

We provide Smart Fleets with access to multiple repair estimates from nearby diverse shops. This drives down cost, increases quality, and assists Procurement Managers in reaching their supplier diversity goals.

Access: Efficiency. Transparency. Accountability.

It’s no accident SHzoom’s patented system is leading the way for Smart Fleets. Uptime was specifically designed for government and self-insured fleets and risk management operations.  We aim to serve your need for simplicity, speed, and accountability when it comes to safety and minimizing operational expenses, repair costs, financial risks, and downtime associated with crashes and OEM recalls.  Uptime is a proprietary platform that was launched via a private pilot offering to participants in the public sector attending the NAFA conference.

We Understand Your Pain

Fleet managers give so much time and attention to planning for preventative maintenance repairs that, when unexpected downtime occurs, it easily becomes a major grievance. With preventative maintenance-related downtime, there is a plan in place ahead of time and far less people involved in the process; unlike unexpected downtime.

Access Data In Real-Time

Easily identify inefficiencies, risks, and bottlenecks in your current process.  Improve cycle time, reduce costs, and manage risks.

Access Competitive Estimates

Drive down costs and increase quality, while simultaneously reaching your Supplier Diversity goals!

Access Incident Reports

Gain access to incident reports in minutes reducing crash repair cycle time by 28 days! Get reports reviewed and approved for same day repairs.

What Our Users Are Saying

“Thanks for this great product! Uptime makes the estimating and documentation process much easier! Future of fleet estimating and repair process is being transformed by SHzoom!”

–Maryland Body Shop

“Uptime by SHzoom takes the place of the paper report and reduces duplication, therefore saving us a lot of effort and time! Thank you so much for the great product and the outstanding training, SHzoom team!”

–Colorado Police Sergeant

“Auto accidents is one of our number one risks; across the board when you look at risks in any municipality or any organization that has a fleet. Uptime helps us minimize risks and gives us the visibility we need.“

-Colorado Risk Manager

Uptime by SHzoom

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