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Fleet Manager Demo

Fleet Manager Demo


You walk in on a Monday morning only to find 5 cruisers lined up against the fence. You want to know what happened, the status of the reports, and which shops will be best equipped to handle the work.

As the Fleet Manager, you login to complete the following: 

#1) Confirm the % of your Overall Fleet that is Currently Down.

#2) Check the Vehicle Status of each Incident Using the Graph On Your Dashboard

#3) View ‘At Shop’ Status to Determine when Repairs will be Complete

#4). Review Performance Reports to Determine which Shop is Best Equipped to Take on New Repair Jobs and which Shops need to be Turned Off. 

Now it’s your turn! Follow the instructions below to complete steps 1-4 above.


A. Click the button below to launch the Uptime web system.
B. Sign in with the following credential as a Fleet Manager to review the incident. 
Email: fleetmanager@shzoom.com
Password: P@ssword2
C. View the Fleet Manager Dashboard to determine downtime and vehicle status.
Next:  Click on the ‘At Shop’ Progress Tab and glance through the repair status for the vehicles currently at shop. 
D. Click on the ‘Incident Report’ Progress Tab to export ALL new reports for offline viewing.  
E. Click on the ‘Reports’ tab located on the left sidebar to navigate to Uptime’s Standard Reporting. Download reports in either CSV or EXCEL format. 
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