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SHzoom IT Cloud FAQ

SHzoom IT Cloud Solution FAQ

Last update: Dec 14, 2022

Maintenance Window Notifications
Scheduled Maintenance

Notices to customers will be sent via electronic mail at least 48 hours in advance of a regularly scheduled system maintenance. Because our customers are our top priority, customer input will be taken into consideration in terms of rescheduling the maintenance window so as to not interfere with productivity.

Unscheduled Maintenance Window

Unscheduled system maintenance is rare. While we cannot predict if/when there will be a critical update or patch that will require immediate attention outside of the regularly scheduled maintenance window, notices to customers will be sent via electronic mail within 24 hours of the date it was determined to be necessary or as soon as practicable. A phone call will also be made to the customer’s designated IT support team only if the critical update or patch is urgent and has to be performed during regular business hours.

Security Measures

1. Data is encrypted at rest using Microsoft SQL Azure.

2. Data is encrypted in transit using TLS/HTTPS.

3. All data is housed within the United States.

4. No PII, HIPAA, or confidential data is collected or stored by SHzoom.

Type of Data Captured

The data we collect from the accident scene is limited to the information one would find on a Basic Crash Report which is generally available online to the general public in most states.

Data Breach Notifications

In the event of a data breach, SHzoom will follow all applicable state laws and FTC guidelines. With the exception of login credentials (usernames and passwords), SHzoom does not collect any Personal Information as defined under § State Specific Statute. Data such as driver’s license, social security numbers, and medical information are not collected. SHzoom does not collect or store financial data, health data, nor data on juveniles.

Notices to customers will be sent via electronic mail and/or via U.S. mail no later than 30 days after the date of determination that a security breach occurred. If an impending criminal investigation exists, the notice will be sent no later than 30 days after the law enforcement agency has notified us that it is appropriate to send the required notice.

Data Ownership

1. Our Customers own their data; however, SHzoom retains the rights to aggregated anonymized data (e.g. unidentifiable stats, metrics, algorithms, dashboards).

2. Outside of customers accessing their own data, only SHzoom employees and contracted partners working on behalf of SHzoom will have access to customer data as deemed necessary.

3. Customer data is segregated at the database level, meaning that each customer’s data is fully isolated in its own Azure SQL database instance.

Customer Support

We believe in tailoring our support to the customers we serve. SHzoom’s Support icon at the bottom of your screen offers you an array of options – phone, live chat, text, and email. All support tickets are replied to no later than the end of the next business day.

Browser Compatibility

1. Modern browsers will be supported by default. In addition, SHzoom can target additional browsers greater than IE9 if necessary. This covers roughly 98% of the most common browsers used.

2. Outside of the web applications, mobile apps (iOS and/or Android) may need downloaded to a user’s device. Credentials for your users (like usernames and passwords) will use encryption.

Active Directory & External Data Integration

1.  Connections to Active Directories and APIs are not included in our standard software package; however, we expect to use VPN, Azure Sync with AAD, or a combination of the two to accommodate customized software integration requests. We are interested in discussing what you would like to see in future builds.

2.  Data exports will be available initially for integration with other data sources. Upon customized requests, APIs and web-hooks would also be added.

  1. Generally response times of web pages and APIs are 20-100 ms
  2. Depending on the bulk transition in question, response times may be longer – determined by the amount of information being imported or exported.

Data Ownership

If you should opt to terminate services with SHzoom, you will have an opportunity to complete a full database export from your Azure SQL database. You will have 30 days to complete the download at which point all data will be permanently erased and removed from the Azure SQL database.

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