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Save Important Information Right From The Scene. Including Driver Exchange Info, Witness Contact, and More!

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Minor Fender Bender? Snap A Pic & Get A Quote!  Just Enter Your Zip, Send Your Pics, and Complete A Damage Report Like The One Below. We’ll send your Damage Report to Nearby Shops for Estimate Quotes and Repair Bids!

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Tired of Searching for Your Insurance Card When You Need It Most?  No Worries! Gain Easy Access to Your Insurance Card Now! Store A Copy Right On Your Phone Using this App!


Questions for Your Agent?  No problem! Easily Access Your Auto Policy Information and Contact Your Insurance Agent with A Single Click Using This App!

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Check your email/text meassages for incoming repair bids.  Communicate with the shop right from the app! Schedule vehicle drop off date, send more photos, upload & download repair forms,  write a shop review, and much more ALL from your Customer Dashboard!

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Make Sure You Understand Your Right To Choose!

Don’t be fooled!

In most states, it’s illegal for any person or company to force you to choose their "preferred" repair shop.

In fact, often times the state law requires that insurance companies notify you of your right to choose which shop completes your vehicle repairs.


Visit Your State's Commissioner Website to learn more.

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